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Financial services intelligence house providing strategic advice to government, financial institutions and multilateral organisations


Cambridge IFA is a financial services intelligence house that specialises in developing and utilising powerful cutting edge analytical tools to evaluate business data, assess macroeconomic indicators and understand market trends, leadership positioning and brand development relevant to the development of the financial services industry globally.

The principal activity of Cambridge IFA is developing performance indicators specific to alternative practices of banking and finance. It also aims to provide strategic advice to governments, financial institutions and multilateral organisations in the development of financial markets including alternative banking and finance products, procedures, practices and policies.

Through our strong and invaluable relations with policy makers and private sector industries, we have insights into market and business trends as well as policy changes. This allows us to identify and prioritize common issues and provide perspectives and solutions that are practical, focused and effective; which will increase the competitive advantage of our clients.

Cambridge IFA is a member of HD-Edbiz Group of Companies with offices in London, British Virgin Island, Istanbul and Islamabad.




Information Solutions

Offer high quality information solutions based on unique cutting-edge research methodologies.

Policy & Strategic Services

Provide proprietary market and industry information that aligns strategies with capabilities.

Growth Partnership

Provide research and analysis in new market opportunities for business and corporate growth.

Thought Leadership

Provide updates on current and cutting-edge topics impacting the global economy and industries.

Global Industry Reports

Publish reports that help business leaders prepare for opportunities and the “new normal”.

Pedagogical Learning Tools

Develop real-life based case studies that can be used as an effective pedagogical learning tools.

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